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Product Quality and Service Commitment Made in Zhejiang

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1. The first pass rate of product inspection is greater than 98%;
2. The qualification rate of ex factory products is 100%;
3. The customer satisfaction rate is above 95%;
4. Certified product (model HSYV-5E 4 × two × 0.50(U/UTP-CAT5E 4 × two × 24AWG), model HSYV-6 4 × two × 0.57(U/UTP-CAT6 4 × two × 23AWG)) meet the requirements of T/ZZB1085-2019 Twisted Pair Communication Cable for High Rate Data Transmission;
5. The cables provided shall be guaranteed for 24 months after arrival.
6. During the warranty period, the manufacturer shall provide 24-hour telephone fault diagnosis service. Technicians shall respond to on-site troubleshooting services within 48 hours.
7. Replace the cable that fails due to the defects of raw materials and manufacturing process free of charge. The replaced product shall arrive at the site within 10 working days and bear the relevant costs.
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