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4 Core Shielded Security Cable


    4 Core Shielded Security Cable


    This multi-conductor cable for audio control and instrumentation cable, deliver for low voltage analog data and signal transmission within enclosures from controllers and I/O's to devices such as temperature and pressure sensors, relays, valves, meters, thermo couples, solenoids, actuators, contactors, push buttons and alarms.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                

    Conductor  Stranded bare copper :  4 conductors 22AWG stranding 7x0.25mm
    Insulation  PVC 
    Identification of colors        
    Red / Black
    Green / White
    ShieldIndividually shielded twisted pairs 
    Sheath    PVC
    Bending radius   ≥ 7,5 x Diameter (mm) Installation
    Storage temperature-25℃—+70℃
    Installatiom temperature-10℃—+50℃

    ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS                                                  

    nº Cores.x Ф                                                2x2x22AWG

    Conductor resistance                                  max.54.20 Ω/km

    Rated Voltage                                              300 V


    100 m / coil

    100m / plastic reel