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Transparent Speaker Cable


    Transparent Speaker Cable 

    DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                 Speaker cable wire is applicable to cables, wires, speakers, home cinemas or sound systems with rated power of 450 / 750V and less than 450 / 750V AC power supply, and connects power amplifiers and broadcast systems.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                     

    Flexible bare copper

    Jacket  PVC
    ColorTransparent, identification stripe on one core
    Storage temperature   -20℃—+70℃
    Installation temperature-10℃—+50℃

    TELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS                                                                             

    Electrical resistance @20°

    2.5mm2 7.98Ω/km
    4.0mm2 5.0Ω/km

    Cores x section
    Conductorouter dimension
    2 x 0,75 mm224 x 0,2 mm2.4 x 5mm
    2 x 1,5 mm248 x 0,2 mm3.2 x 6.4mm
    2 x 2,5 mm284 x 0,2 mm3.5 x 7 mm
    2 x 4.0 mm27 x 73 x 0.1 mm5 x 14.0 mm


    100 m/ coil

    200 m/ coil