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2.5mm Building Wire Green/Yellow


    2.5mm Building Wire Green/Yellow

    DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Yellow green insulated cables are the standardized conductors used for earthing and grounding applications. Single core earth cable 100 mtr reel.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                     

    ConductorStranded copper conductors
    InsulationPVC V90HT to AS/NZ 5000:1
    ColorGreen/yellow earth
    Bending radius≥ 25m Fixed 4xD Flexible = 6xD

    ≤ 35m Fixed 6xD Flexible = 9xD
    Minimum operating temperature0℃
    Operating temperature0℃—+90℃

    TELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS                                                                             

    Maximum D.C.resistance
    Nominal Area
    No./dia. of cor
    Max. D.C Resistance of Conductor
    2.57 x 0.677.41


    Its applications are wide, it is often used in excavations as an earth electrode, or buried in concrete foundation in civil engineering. It is used both in the industrial and tertiary sectors. The appropriate cross-section is defined according to the operating intensity. The flexible cable is composed of multi-stranded wires, in order to allow the flexibility of the conductor. For the semi-rigid, the number of strands, with identical sections, is less and of larger diameter.


    100 m/ coil

    or as per request.