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Shielded twisted pair cable


    Shielded twisted pair cables 

    DESCRIPTION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Shielded twisted pair cables are designed and manufctured to meet Australian specifications.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS                                                                                     

    Conductor  Tinned copper :  2 Pairs × 2C×7/0.30mm ± 0.005mm
    Insulation  PE : 1.20±0.05 mm
    Identification of colors
                       Red, Black, White, Green
    ShieldIndividual pairs, Aluminum foil 
    DrainTinned copper : 7/0.20mm
    Sheath    PVC
    ColorGrey (other colors are available upon request)
    Bending radius   ≥ 8 x Diameter (mm) Installation
    Storage temperature-15℃—+70℃


    100 m/ coil

    250 m /wooden drum

    305 m / wooden drum

    500 m / wooden drum